Sunday, March 4, 2018

On to a New Land

By Kathy

Hi Everyone! Sorry we haven’t posted in a while. We have been moving around quite a bit and we have had some questionable internet. Right now we are in the northern part of the Exumas but I need to fill you in on our travels since Valentine’s Day in the Abacos…..

After Valentine’s Day we started preparing to make our crossing to Eleuthera. We headed south back to Lynyard Cay. On our last trip here we had our dinghy dilemma that Emma wrote about in her blog. We were hoping it would be a less eventful visit this time. Luckily, we had a very nice stop in Lynyard. We were able to explore the uninhabited  island and the kids loved the ocean side because they could find so many little pieces of beach glass. We also ran into a cruising couple we had met way back in Green Turtle who were also preparing to go to Eleuthera.

The Beach at Lynyard Cay

Emma looking very tall. Where did our little girl go??

The kids found sea glass everywhere! 

We were very excited to start a new chapter exploring a different part of the Bahamas but also sad to leave the Abacos. It was the perfect spot to begin our adventure. The crossing over to Eleuthera would be a 65NM open ocean crossing. We picked the perfect weather window and the crossing was beautiful. We even figured out what we would have for dinner!

We were so excited for a yummy dinner on our first night in Eleuthera! 

We arrived in northern Eleuthera near Spainish Wells and anchored for the night at Meeks Patch. We were very excited! This was the beginning of a new chapter. Before sunset we did a quick trip over to Meeks Patch and found some pigs. We had heard there were a few pigs  and there was  tour boat sign on the beach but we did not see any. This was not like Pigville in the Abacos. These little guys didn’t make their appearance until we were on the island for a good 15-20 minutes. The pigs looked more like your cute pink farm pigs. Unfortunately, in our hurry to leave before sunset I forgot my camera. On the way back we saw a boat that was also anchored with the hailing port of St. Pete so we had to stop and meet them. Turns out they were a young couple that lives on their boat in the marina in St. Pete and they were right by our boat when we were there in September! I recognized the woman and she immediately recognized the kids. After we got back we had a yummy fish dinner and the kids played around on the boat.

Playing some games when we arrived! 
Pedicures at night on the boat can be a little challenging. 

The things they do for fun on a boat. Poor chipmunk. 

The next morning we got a call from Bandit in Spanish Wells telling us he had a mooring ball available. We were hoping to get one with some winds coming in later on that day and throughout the next week. In the next post we will tell you a little bit more about Spanish Wells.


  1. Kathy, will you let us know on FB when you have a new post in your blog? I'm interested in reading but don't necessarily go to your blog unless prompted.

    1. The blog has a very cool feature where you can get an email when there is a new post. Just add your email (name is not needed) to the box on the right hand side that says "follow by email". If we post something during the day you will receive a nice email that night so it will be waiting for you in the morning.

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