Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Glamping in Norman's Pond

By Kathy
Actual Date: February 28th - March 5th 2018

After a few days in the Exumas we had to get ready for a winter front. We had just left our little iguana friends and anchored for the night near Normans Cay. Normans Cay was known in the past as a drug smuggling island in the late 1970's and early 1980's. So before we went to our anchorage for the front we snorkeled a very cool sunken plane (C-46). It was a quick snorkel in the late afternoon and unfortunately I forgot my camera. 

The next day it was time to find our hidey hole. Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned that a front will bring winds that clock in all directions? If you look at the map of the very narrow Exuma islands you will see that it was a challenge to figure out a nice anchorage with 360 degree protection. We did read about a cool anchorage actually on Normans Cay called Normans Pond. The only problem was the entrance. When you entered you had a couple of very shallow spots. Luckily for us we only draft 4.7 ft. and we also had a full moon tide working for us too. So with timing the high tide we entered Normans Pond. It was the first time I had to stand on the front of the boat and really “read” the water to help Dan navigate the cut into the pond. It was nerve wracking but we made it into the pond. After we entered we were amazed to find a huge pond with nobody in it! We had it all to ourselves. After we anchored we got ready to have about 4 days of relaxing in the pond. So what did we do while we waited out the weather….

  • Lots of good boat school with swim breaks off the back of the boat.
  • Paddle boarding around the pond and swimming.
  • Cooking and eating.

Lots of room to paddle!
Starting the day with a pancake breakfast. 

  • Reading lots of books. I was in the middle of a 1000 page book so I was able to make it through a nice chunk of the book.
  • Movies and games.
  • Weather and route planning.
  • Watched a sea plane practice take offs and landings in the pond for a few hours.
  • Blog Writing
  • Boat Projects - installing digital water tank sensors
Look closely and you will see the sea plan that was practicing.

Sam helping Daddy with the boat projects.

 It got a little chilly with the front so some days we may have stayed in our warm jammies for the day. 

Sunset conch blowing by a Pikachu!

This is definitely a slower pace of life.  Once you get into the slow groove it is very enjoyable. Our exit out of Normans Pond was a little more stressful since the big full moon tide was not as big five days later. But we made it out with just a small tap on the bottom of the boat. Next stop: Exuma Land and Sea Park – Shroud Cay! This is a place we have been looking forward to for a long time.

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