Thursday, March 15, 2018

Spanish Wells

By Kathy

We stayed in Spanish Wells for about 4 days while we waiting for some windy weather to blow through. We were able to secure the one and only mooring ball for our size boat. Yeah!

While we were on the island we did a little provisioning and found out something you don’t see in the states. In their large grocery store that was very well stocked they had a whole shelf for locals  to sell their goods. Each baker had a section of a shelf labeled with their name.

A shelf in the big grocery store for home baked goods. It is hard to imagine something like this in Publix. 

We also went to a couple of the local spots to eat. One of our favorites was Buddas. The kitchen for Buddas was located in an old school bus. They had good burgers and the most reasonable prices we have seen since our arrival. Budda also had a pet bird named Spooky that the kids were able to feed. After our second visit Sam was wondering what Budda actually looked like and if he looked like the statues around the restaurant of a Budda. He decided to ask the server if there actually is a Budda and she said yes but he was sleeping upstairs (there was a house above the restaurant). As we were leaving we see this man in walking out asking if we knew the little boy that  was asking to meet Budda. Low and behold….. it was Budda himself. Sam was surprise he looked like a normal guy in a fish shirt. He was a very nice guy and talked to us for a few minutes before we left.

The entrance into Buddas. The white school bus is actually the kitchen. 

Inside Buddas. It was a pretty cool restaurant. 

Remember the cruisers that we saw in Lynyard before we left the Abacos. We have been following the same path since early January in Green Turtle. We saw them again in Spanish Wells and they told Dan that a trip to the museum was definitely worth it but you had to call ahead and make an appointment. The next morning we decided to try to make an appointment and this is when we really feel like we are in a different land. The phone number associated with the museum didn’t work but the day before we realized the lady in the smaller grocery store knew a lot about what was going on around the island so Dan decided to call the grocery store. She gave us a number for a clothing store on the other side of the island so he called that store and from there they gave him the number for Jean. Jean ended up being the person who met us at the museum for our tour. Can you imagine trying to make an appointment for the Dali Museum but had to call Publix and then Old Navy and then another person to eventually get a time to go to the museum? Jean was full of information and we learned all about the early settlers, the lobster trade and daily life around the island. We did notice that some houses seem to be very old and historic and some had more of a 1990’s architecture.  We learned that Hurricane Andrew in the early 90’s did substantial damage to the island and that is why we see so many of the 90’s stucco houses.

The museum was in one of the historic houses on the island. 

We got our very own tour of the museum and a history lesson from Jean.

Here are some more pictures from around the island:

The Lazy Pot Coffee Shop. No Starbucks here! There were a few little boxes like this along the docks. Sometimes we would see some guys hanging out in them. 

A close up view of The Lazy Pot Coffee Shop.

This was a very cool house on the island. 
The quiet streets of Spanish Wells. 

The local school for all of the kids through high school.

The beach at the west end of island at low tide.

Our almost teenager! 

Jack is a serious dinghy captain.


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  2. did you get coffee at the 'lazy pot'?
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