Friday, May 18, 2018

Quick Update and Future Plans

By Kathy 

We are still in George Town, Bahamas. Today is the official 2 month anniversary since our arrival in George Town so we wanted to give everyone an update. We are having a blast here in George Town. We have made many friends and have had a few rounds of visitors over the last few months. I will do a separate post on each in the near future. We are now itching to go south BUT the weather has a different plan so we are still here awaiting a window. Originally we were planning to head south to the Dominican Republic via Turks and Caicos.  From the Dominican Republic the kids and I would fly to Grenada and Dan and crew would take the boat to Grenada. Why would we not go with them?? Well it would be a beat into the wind going south. Don’t worry we will not miss anything. The trip north from Grenada up the Caribbean islands is a lot more enjoyable and we plan to take our time with that trip after hurricane season.  So now we sit in George Town (still having fun and getting a lot of boat projects done) and keep hoping for our weather window. As hurricane season gets closer we are looking at other options to get to Grenada such as a crew meeting us here and taking the boat from George Town straight to Grenada. 

The weather has not been cooperating!!! 

Blog Updates: We created a few new pages for the blog. The “Our Boat” page has been updated with pictures of our floating home along with all of our amenities. Dan has also created an “Our Refit” page that goes into some pretty technical details about what we replaced and upgraded on SandStar. 

Our friends on Cool Runnings have also written a very nice post about our meet up in George Town. They are a family from the St. Pete area that has spent the last two years circumnavigating and are now heading back to The Burg. We were very lucky to finally meet them in person and spend a couple of days playing and chatting. 

Click here to check it out: SV Cool Runnings 

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