Monday, April 9, 2018

Location & Updates!

Happy Monday!! We have been thinking about making a few changes to the blog now that we have been posting for almost 2 months. My writing is not keeping up with our moving and cool things are happening daily. Sometimes we want to throw a quick post about something that we saw or did that day and then I realize we are still a few weeks behind in our location so we needed to think of a way to do some more daily posts but we also want to tell you about some of the very cool things we have seen as we made it down the Exumas. SOOOOOO…..we wanted to update everyone on our current location, let you know what we are working on in the blog, and tell you about how we will blog going forward. 

Our Location: 
We are still in the Exumas in a place called George Town. Getting to George Town was a huge accomplishment. It marks the last big stop in the Bahamas before heading south. It is also has a huge cruising community during the season. Lots of fun to be had here in George Town. We will tell you more about it in future posts. If you have traveled south from the US or Canada this is usually the place that boats turn around mid-season and head back north to make it out of the way for hurricane season. If you are heading north this is your first big stop in the Bahamas. For us it will mark the end of the first big chapter of our adventure. We have been here for a few weeks (longer than any other anchorage) and will be here for a few more. We have had company come to visit and a few more arriving over the next month. We are also doing all of the preparations to make the passage south to the Dominican Republic in May. 

One of the many anchorages in George Town. 

What we are working on in the blog:
I have been trying very hard to figure out how other bloggers get cool maps on their blog. Luckily, we have pretty good internet here so I was able to update our “Where We Are” section to “Our Route”. It is now a google map with thumbtacks in all of the places we have dropped anchor. I am also working on “Our Boat” section to give you a look inside our floating home. Dan is working a section for the blog about the refit we have done since we bought the boat back in 2015. He always found the refit section of other cruiser’s blogs very helpful when we were doing research and he wants to hopefully help others who are doing the same. 

In the future: 
As I mentioned above, things are happening daily that we would like to write about but in the blog world we are still in Shroud Cay. So to have the best of both worlds we will do two kinds of posts. There will be the real-time posts about things happening now and if it is a post about a previous anchorage we will mark it with “Flashback” or “Rewind” in the title and include the actual date we were there in the post. 

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