Sunday, November 3, 2019

Pisco What????

By Kathy
Actual Dates: August 25th - August 28th

We made it to Peru!! Our first stop is in the big city of Lima. We decided to spend a few days in the Miraflores area getting acclimated. We will be moving A LOT the first month of our trip, so this was a little breather before we start moving through Peru. We also quickly came to the realization that no matter how much Duelingo you do before you leave your Spanish skills are still really bad.

So what did we do in Lima? It did not take long to realize that Lima has some good food. Little did we know that this would be the last of the really good eats for a while. We had to try some churros, salchipapas (hotdogs and fries), stews, and grilled beef.

Piles of churros on the top and some crazy sandwiches below

A plate of churros and a coffee cup full of chocolate! You can't go wrong here!

A little cone of hot dogs and fries. This is called salchipapas in Peru.

Peruvian stew and some steak with potatoes and really large corn

We were also introduced to their national drink called a Pisco Sour. A pisco what?? Pisco is the local liquor that is made from fermented grape juice that contains a very high alcohol content. For all of our Grenadian friends, a shot of pisco by itself will give Rivers Rum a good run for their money.

First Pisco Sour!! 

The next night Dan decided to try one.... or maybe two.

The recipe straight from the Angostura site. It is pretty simple but it has a surprise ingredient and we found out the shaking and straining part is pretty important

The Miraflores has a great waterfront so we decided to rent some bikes and check out some of the parks along the waterfront. We stopped for some pictures at the sculpture park and had a little French crepe snack before heading back.

Walking to the waterfront

A calm moment

Sam misses his bike

We are ready to go
The bike path is high above the beach

Visiting the sculpture park

Emma recruiting a photographer
When in a French crepe. Who knew?

We also walked through our first Peruvian market and were amazed by the amount of Alpaca products – sweaters, scarves, blankets, stuffed animals they had to offer.

Alpaca souvenirs were not hard to find

The kids are super excited to see some real llamas and alpacas when we get out of the city.

Our time in Lima was short and sweet.

NEXT STOP: Paracas, Huacachina, and Arequipa

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